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Article: How to Find My Style?

How to Find My Style?

You’ve taken a zillion fashion quizzes that tell you you’re edgy or you're a boho babe. You’re at a point where maybe you want to seek the help of a personal stylist to get you to the next level in your style journey. Instead of spending months on Pinterest choosing pretty pictures of outfits you’re never going to actually wear, let’s dive into practical tips you can use to figure out your true style. Whether you’re a newbie fashion lover or a true fashionista who’s looking to change up her look, we have all the tips to help you find your perfect style.

lana heels

1. Explore Different Clothing Options —  A day out shopping can be a real thrill, but it can also be counterproductive. To make it easier, try browsing for clothing online instead. Narrow down your options by taking a style quiz to figure out what your style preferences and needs are. You don’t need to buy clothing right away. Instead, make a list of what you feel most confident and comfortable in. Then, strategize about what pieces you want to add or even remove from your closet. After exploring various clothing styles, also take a look at accessories, including jewelry and shoes. Complete any look with cute shoes like dressy heels or casual flats.

Snag Cute Shoes

2. Audit Your Closet — Next, do an inventory of your closet and drawers. Are there pieces you haven’t worn in months or even years? Are there clothing items you just kind of forgot about and don’t really see yourself wearing ever again (like that bridesmaid’s dress you wore at that wedding from three years ago)? As you audit your closet, you may find that the style you had back then just isn’t you anymore, and that’s okay! It may mean it’s time for a change.

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3. Hone in on Your Personality — Different personality types will gravitate toward different styles that match their personality. What is yours? If you consider yourself the feminine type, you may want to snag all the pretty, flowy dresses you can. If you prefer something with a bit of edge, try leather jackets or distressed jeans.

Feel Feminine in a Flowy Dress

4. Create a Mood Board — Creating a mood board can help you visualize what is aesthetically pleasing to you. Does your mood board contain pieces that are more subtle and minimalist, or does it contain bold statement pieces? If you’re the kind of Avaraista who loves to make a statement, it’s easy with our wide selection of cute tops. Creating a Pinterest board is an easy way to figure out whether you want more clothing in neutral tones or if you want to go big and bold with fun patterns and bright colors. Having different images of outfits on people with a similar style, personality, and body type can help you figure out what your style mood is.

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5. Try Something New — Shopping shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a joyful experience to find clothing and accessories that speak to you. If you’re finding that certain items that used to bring you joy just aren’t cutting it for you anymore, don’t be afraid to try something new. Play around and try new pieces like trending colors or new silhouettes. If you usually wear neutral colors, add a pair of printed pants in neutral colors instead of just solid colors. If you usually wear oversized clothing for comfort, switch it up and wear form-fitting trousers instead.

Once you have a sense of what your style is, you’ll also want to learn how to layer clothes. Knowing how to layer clothes will help you create new looks by mixing and matching different pieces of clothing. You’ll be able to better adjust to changing weather conditions so that the cute dress you wore in the summer can still be worn through in the fall or even winter if you layer just right. Master the art of layering, and you’ll better develop your personal fashion style. And remember, Avara is there to help you every fabulous step of the way!

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