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My favorite season is finally here - SUMMER! A time to slow down, soak up the sun, and enjoy some YOU time. Whether that means going on a beach vacation, cookouts with family or late nights with the old friends… I thought I'd share some of my favorite Summer looks that are truly Avara-worthy!

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97 products



Jane Dress

Susana Dress

Marissa Dress- Pink
Marissa Dress- Pink Sale price$58.00
Blaine Dress
Blaine Dress Sale price$98.00
Sunny Sneakers
Sunny Sneakers Sale price$98.00
Best Seller Kourtney Top
Kourtney Top Sale price$88.00
Shayla Dress
Shayla Dress Sale price$98.00
Carla Tote
Carla Tote Sale price$68.00
Best Seller Jane Dress- Red
Jane Dress- Red Sale price$74.00
Susana Dress
Susana Dress Sale price$112.00
Quinn Bag Mini- Beige
Quinn Bag Mini- Beige Sale price$54.00
Darla Dress
Darla Dress Sale price$98.00
Darla Shorts
Darla Shorts Sale price$48.00
Vera Top
Vera Top Sale price$64.00
Lauren Dress- Navy
Lauren Dress- Navy Sale price$112.00
Martha Top- Coral
Martha Top- Coral Sale price$46.00
Gwen Dress
Gwen Dress Sale price$108.00
Best Seller Carla Jeans
Carla Jeans Sale price$74.00
Cheryl Top
Cheryl Top Sale price$54.00
Best Seller Lauren Dress- Red
Lauren Dress- Red Sale price$112.00
Marissa Dress- Blue
Marissa Dress- Blue Sale price$58.00
Kelley Tote
Kelley Tote Sale price$74.00
Sophia Dress
Sophia Dress Sale price$124.00
Martha Top- White
Martha Top- White Sale price$46.00
Chloe Jeans- Light Wash
Chloe Jeans- Light Wash Sale price$74.00
Jade Dress
Jade Dress Sale price$78.00
Christiana Dress
Christiana Dress Sale price$94.00
Blake Heels by Matisse
Blake Heels by Matisse Sale price$78.00
Janey Dress
Janey Dress Sale price$68.00
Gracie Shorts- Fuchsia
Gracie Shorts- Fuchsia Sale price$68.00
Best Seller Abientot Earrings- Gold by Treasure Jewels
Gracie Dress
Gracie Dress Sale price$98.00
Best Seller Gracie Shorts- Navy
Gracie Shorts- Navy Sale price$68.00
Carole Dress
Carole Dress Sale price$118.00
Ariel Sandal- Gold
Ariel Sandal- Gold Sale price$44.00
Skylar Dress
Skylar Dress Sale price$98.00
Collins Dress- Navy
Collins Dress- Navy Sale price$78.00
Isla Earrings
Isla Earrings Sale price$16.00

Emily's Edit