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Cute Easter Outfits

Spring is here at Avara, and we can't wait to celebrate the warmer weather with our new Easter Collection. We love these floral prints and pretty pastels that will keep you in style all season long. Whether you need an outfit for your next Spring event, spending the day outside with your kids, or heading to brunch, we have you covered for any occasion.
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77 products



Adalee Dress
Adalee Dress Regular price$128.00 Sale price$96.00
Emma Dress- Magenta
Emma Dress- Magenta Sale price$68.00
Emery Dress- White
Emery Dress- White Sale price$112.00
Jana Dress
Jana Dress Sale price$88.00
Marilyn Dress
Marilyn Dress Sale price$94.00
Thelma Dress- Blue
Thelma Dress- Blue Regular price$112.00 Sale price$84.00
Vivien Dress
Vivien Dress Regular price$114.00 Sale price$91.00
Virginia Top
Virginia Top Sale price$58.00
Emery Dress- Pink
Emery Dress- Pink Regular price$112.00 Sale price$90.00
Madeline Dress
Madeline Dress Sale price$68.00
Rebecca Dress
Rebecca Dress Regular price$88.00 Sale price$70.00
Ginger Pants
Ginger Pants Regular price$98.00 Sale price$78.00
Brianna Dress
Brianna Dress Regular price$112.00 Sale price$90.00
Remy Dress
Remy Dress Sale price$124.00
Shirley Dress- Pink
Shirley Dress- Pink Sale price$98.00
Sue Ann Top
Sue Ann Top Sale price$88.00
Viviana Clutch
Viviana Clutch Sale price$44.00
Rita Dress
Rita Dress Sale price$88.00
Blythe Top
Blythe Top Regular price$74.00 Sale price$50.00
Mae Dress
Mae Dress Sale price$128.00
Laura Jeans
Laura Jeans Sale price$74.00
Rosalia Dress
Rosalia Dress Regular price$82.00 Sale price$65.00
Katy Dress
Katy Dress Regular price$128.00 Sale price$77.00
Jan Heels
Jan Heels Sale price$44.00
Florence Dress
Florence Dress Regular price$98.00 Sale price$59.00
Pearla Dress
Pearla Dress Regular price$94.00 Sale price$75.00
Roxanna Bag
Roxanna Bag Regular price$48.00 Sale price$38.00
Dotty Dress- Berry
Dotty Dress- Berry Regular price$88.00 Sale price$50.00
Mya Dress- Lilac
Mya Dress- Lilac Regular price$84.00 Sale price$67.00
Sutton Dress- Pink
Sutton Dress- Pink Regular price$112.00 Sale price$90.00
Natalia Wedges
Natalia Wedges Regular price$52.00 Sale price$42.00
Eden Top- Blue
Eden Top- Blue Sale price$98.00
Taylor Dress- Blue
Taylor Dress- Blue Regular price$88.00 Sale price$60.00
Florence Top
Florence Top Sale price$78.00
Sutton Dress- Blue
Sutton Dress- Blue Sale price$112.00
Diane Earrings
Diane Earrings Sale price$24.00

Cute Easter Outfits