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Avara Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions

 Updated 07/09/2024

Commission and Incentive Bonus Earnings and Distribution:

Commission Earnings and Incentive Bonuses for the Avara Ambassador Program are exclusively tracked through the Affiliatly Platform via personalized link. Orders generated via other third party affiliate platforms or directly to the site will not contribute to your sales in the program. 

Commission payments over our $25 minimum are distributed through on a monthly basis once the return period has passed. Example: Payments up to January 1 would be sent at the start of February. is a secure payment platform that distributes payments via direct deposit. You will receive an invitation to set up your account prior to your first commission or incentive payment. We are unable to submit payment without a complete W9 on file.

Gifted Product Earnings, Distribution, and Usage:

Gifted products can be earned through our monthly rewards tiers as well as through incentives we run. We have included our monthly rewards tiers below. Rewards from the tiers below are sent out on a monthly basis, once our return period has passed. Parameters and rewards vary from incentive to incentive.

  1. Ambassadors with at least one sale in Affiliatly throughout the month will receive one item of choice*
  2. Two items of choice* for $100 in commissions ($1,000 in sales)
  3. Three items of choice* for $200 in commissions ($2,000 in sales)
  4. Four items of choice* for $300 in commissions ($3,000 in sales)
  5. Five items of choice* for $400 and above in commissions ($4,000 and above in sales)
  6.   Full Avara Haul** for $500 and above in commissions ($5,000 and above in sales)

*From approved list of products

**Ambassadors who reach this revenue goal will receive 6-8 pieces to share a full haul of Avara pieces

Gifted pieces are sent with the intent of our ambassadors sharing and promoting them on their social media as items they love having in their closets to wear! We ask that you do not resell or run giveaways with Avara items. Gifted items are solely for active Avara Ambassadors. We are unable to send items for family or friends to use. In the event that an item you are gifted does not fit or is not what you expected, contact to complete an exchange. If you choose to purchase an item and need to make a return/exchange please do so through the customer portal located on our website.

Personal Discount Code Usage:

Your personal 20% off code is tied to your Avara Customer Profile which is typically the email you used to create your Affiliatly account. If you use a different email address than the one tied to your customer profile at check out, the code will not work. If you are unsure of the email address attached to your profile, it was included in your onboarding email or you can always reach out to us and we can find it for you. Your personal discount code can not be shared with others. You are also unable to earn commission in Affiliatly on orders you place for yourself. 

Shareable Discount Code Usage:

As an ambassador, you have a 15% off code for your followers that is valid for one time use. This code is made active once you reply with the requested information in the welcome email. Discount codes are a great perk to encourage your followers to purchase, but usage does not contribute to your Affiliatly commission balance. Your shareable code can be reset every 90 days upon request. To request a reset of your code, reach out to Once your code is reset, your followers will be able to apply it to one additional order within the next 90 days or until you request your next reset.

Referral Program Terms:

All active ambassadors are eligible to participate in our referral program.. You are eligible to  earn 3% commission on every sale an affiliate you referred generates through their Affiliatly link. To refer an affiliate to our program, visit the “Info Page” on your Affiliatly account. From there, you can access your two-tier affiliate link to our registration page. Affiliates you refer must register through this link in order for their sales to be associated with your account. As a participant of the referral program please follow the terms and best practices outlined below:

  • Referring an applicant, does not guarantee that they will be accepted and onboarded as an ambassador. We will still be reviewing all applications to ensure brand fit.

  • Referral earnings are exclusive to commission payments. Earnings during incentives and for monthly product rewards will be calculated individually.

  • The goal of the referral program is to build personal relationships within the ambassador program. We ask that you please reach out on a personal basis rather than advertising the opportunity on your page.

  • You will receive commission from your referrals as long as both accounts remain active in the program. In the event that your Affiliatly account is deactivated, you will no longer receive any commissions through your referrals.

Utilization of Meta Ad Tools:

You may utilize ad tools on Facebook/ Instagram to boost posts at your own expense and discretion. Avara obtains the right to request removal of any paid media if it interferes with the integrity of the program.

Cookie and Link Tracking:

Cookies in Affiliatly track for 30 days. When a visitor to your link purchases within those 30 days, the order will be associated with your account. In the case that a customer clicks on multiple affiliates’ links prior to purchasing, the sale will be connected with the first affiliate’s link they visited within the cookie tracking period.

Deactivation Notice and Terms:

In the case that your account is nearing deactivation due to inactivity in the program (lack of sharing the brand and sales), you will receive a 30 day notice. If you do not generate one sale through Affiliatly within the next 30 days, your account will be automatically deactivated. If your account is deactivated, commissions under the $25 pay-out minimum will be forfeited upon deactivation. In addition to deactivation due to inactivity, Avara reserves the right to deactivate participation in the program at our discretion if these terms are broken or if we determine you have acted in a manner against the interests of the brand.


As an ambassador you will receive information regarding new arrivals, promotions, and company developments prior to the rest of our customers. It is important that this information is kept confidential until the specified time/date that we indicate.

Program Structure and Terms:

Avara reserves the right to make changes to these terms and/or the structure of the Avara Ambassador Program at our sole discretion. If changes are made we will send out a communication via Avara Ambassador Program Newsletter.