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Avara Ambassador Program Updates!

***Important Info Below***

Announced June 13th, 2023. Effective June 1, 2023. these changes will be  implemented into all program processes.

Gifted Product:

We currently distribute gifted product through our incentives and monthly rewards tiers! We want to provide even more opportunities for you all to receive new Avara product to share! This being said, we will be updating our monthly product rewards to the tiers below to make them more accessible! Rewards will be sent out on a monthly basis, once our return period has passed, which will be distributed on the same timeline as commission payments!

  1. Ambassadors with at least one sale in Affiliatly throughout the month will receive one item of choice*

  2. Two items of choice* for $100 in commissions ($1,000 in sales)

  3. Three items of choice* for $200 in commissions ($2,000 in sales)

  4. Four items of choice* for $300 in commissions ($3,000 in sales)

  5. Five items of choice* for $400 and above in commissions ($4,000 and above in sales)

  6. Full Avara Haul** for $500 and above in commissions ($5,000 and above in sales)

*From approved list of products
**Ambassadors who reach this revenue goal will receive 6-8 pieces to share a full haul of Avara pieces.

Discount Codes:

All ambassador codes are currently valid for one use per customer! We understand that you all would like to offer discounts to your customers on a more frequent basis. Moving forward, all ambassadors will be eligible for discount code resets every 90 days upon request. Your code will still be valid for one- time use but resetting it will allow customers who have already placed an order with your code to use it again. As long as you remain active in the program, you may request a reset every 90 days!

In order to receive a reset on your discount code, you must be active in the program for at least 90 days. You must also reach out to to request your reset! From there we will update your code and send you a confirmation message!

Payment Distribution:

We currently distribute commissions over our $100 pay-out minimum on a monthly basis, once our return period has passed (for example, earnings up to June 1 will be paid out at the start of July). We will continue to follow this schedule but will be lowering our pay-out minimum from $100 to $25. This means that anyone with total commissions of at least $25 will be paid out on a monthly basis!


Currently, your link tracks for 7 days after a referred visitor clicks it. This means that a visitor who clicks on your link must make a purchase within 7 days for it to be associated with your account. We will be increasing our cookie duration to 30 days. This will ensure that you receive credit for sales even if it takes a referred user a month to make a purchase!

Referral Program

Our final change to the program is going to make a huge impact on how much commission you earn!! Our program will now allow all current ambassadors to refer their friends and earn EXTRA commission on sales that their referrals make.

For every sale an affiliate that you referred to our program generates through their Affiliatly link, you will earn 3% commission on the order sum. You will still receive a 10% commission on all sales that you generate, so your earnings are going to add up quick!

Y’all do not want to miss out on this opportunity so start reaching out to your friends who love Avara and would want to share with their community!!

How it works:

Visit the “Info Page” on your Affiliatly account. From there, you can access your two-tier affiliate link to our registration page! Affiliates you refer must register through this link in order for their sales to be associated with your account. You can verify whether a referral has registered through your link by visiting the “Two tier” tab in your Affiliatly account!

Once your referred affiliate is approved and onboarded, you will start earning commission as they generate sales through their Affiliatly link!

Terms and best practices:

  • Referring an applicant, does not guarantee that they will be accepted and onboarded as an ambassador. We will still be reviewing all applications to ensure brand fit.
  • Referral earnings are exclusive to commission payments.
  • Earnings during incentives and for monthly product rewards will be calculated individually.
  • The goal of the referral program is to build personal relationships within the ambassador program! We understand that it can be a great way to increase earnings and that you will want to refer as many ladies as possible. This being said, we ask that you please reach out on a personal basis rather than advertising the opportunity on your page.
  • You will receive commission from your referrals as long as both accounts remain active in the program. In the event that your Affiliatly account is deactivated, you will no longer receive any commissions through your referrals.

For a limited time...

From today, 6/13/23 through the end of the month you will receive one new Avara piece* for every affiliate that you refer and is accepted into the program!! This is an opportunity to earn a lot of new product so start now ladies!!**

*From approved list of products

**You will receive your rewards in one order at the close of the promotion