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As the weather warms up, it’s a great time to break free from the monotony of neutral tones or from the unbearable heat of wearing dark colors under the sun. From chic dresses in bold patterns to mixing and matching different tops and bottoms that are sure to turn heads, there are plenty of outfit combinations to help you add a little sunshine to any look. Let’s get bold and beautiful with our list of six different ways to pull off bright-colored outfits.

1. Have One Bright Statement Piece — Sometimes, it helps to start out small, like just having one bright statement piece alongside darker pieces or toned-down accessories. We have plenty of cute blouses that can act as your go-to bright statement piece. Try pairing a bright blouse with neutral bottoms or vice versa. Balancing out your look with bright colors and neutral or darker colors will help you stand out without overwhelming your entire look.

2. Play with Complementary Colors — Complementary colors are ones that are opposite of each other on the color wheel, such as yellow and purple and orange and blue. Play around with complementary colors in your wardrobe to style bright outfits with two different bright colors. Combining a bright blue with a complementary orange will create a balanced yet visually appealing outfit.

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3. Balance with Neutrals — Another way to balance out bright-colored outfits is by adding in neutral colors. Neutral colors include white, beige, gray, and black for easy mixing and matching. These neutral tones will help tone down the vibrancy of your brighter pieces so that your bright pieces remain the focal point of your entire outfit. If you’re wearing a brightly colored outfit, balance out your look with neutral-toned shoes.

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4. Choose Flattering Silhouettes — Choose bright-colored pieces that are also flattering to your body shape and type. A well-fitted silhouette can better emphasize a bold color, making your outfit all the more stunning and helping to elevate your overall look. As a general rule, use bright colors strategically so that they draw attention to the areas you want to enhance while using darker or neutral-toned colors on any areas you’d rather downplay. Take a look at more specific tips for different body shapes:

  • The Hourglass Body Shape — Try a color-blocking technique where you wear bright-colored bottoms with a contrasting top to accentuate your waist.
  • The Pear Body Shape — A-line dresses in bright colors are very flattering for pear body shapes.
  • The Apple Body Shape — V-neck tops in vibrant colors help elongate your silhouette.
  • The Rectangle Body Shape— Layering with bright-colored jackets can add dimension to your figure.
  • The Inverted Triangle Body Shape — Balance out your broader shoulders by wearing bright-colored bottoms.

6. Add Accessories — Bright outfits call for simple accessories to help balance out your look. Too many colors or sparkly jewelry can overwhelm your outfit. The same goes for patterned accessories like patterned bags or shoes that can overtake a beautiful piece of clothing. To help let the vibrant piece in your outfit take center stage, go for minimalist accessories like delicate gold jewelry or simple earrings.

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7. Be Confident! — Most importantly, confidence is key when it comes to pulling off any outfit, especially a bright-colored outfit. Embrace the bold colors and carry yourself with confidence. No matter your height, this is your chance to stand tall and be proud of whatever you’re wearing. Fashion is all about expressing yourself while looking great and feeling even better.

Wearing bright-colored clothing can feel refreshing and help you feel empowered. Bright colors give an instant confidence boost when you walk into a room. To help you make a statement, check out our comprehensive guide on how to style colorful clothes. Now get out there and rock those vibrant colors with confidence!

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July 28, 2023 — Emily Shack

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