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As the weather warms up and we transition out of wearing neutral-toned blacks, whites, grays, and the occasional brown, it’s time to try something new. We’re all about wearing comfortable pieces that are fashionable but also fun and practical so that you’ll enjoy wearing them no matter the occasion. If you’re used to sticking to comfortable neutrals or the same colors that keep popping up in your wardrobe, why not try something new by wearing bright and colorful clothing and accessories? Take a look at our handy guide on how to wear colorful clothes so you’ll be brightening up any room you walk into in no time and become an Avaraista, true lovers of color! 

1. Opposites Attract — There’s a reason why the popular saying “opposites attract” remains such an essential style tip. Take a look at a color wheel or any basic color theory, and you’ll find that pairing complementary colors — the ones opposite on the color wheel — makes for a great stylish look. Try wearing a pretty purple top with a flowy yellow midi skirt. You can do the same with other complementary color combinations like blue and orange and red and green.

2. Try Bright Accessories  — It can be intimidating to wear bright colors on their own, like bright tops with bright pants or skirts, but adding bright accessories is an easy and casual way to add some color to any outfit. From fun and flirty heart earrings to hot pink crossbody bags, there are plenty of colorful accessories you can add to your outfit to add a pop of color and instantly elevate any outfit.

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3. Offset Bold Colors with Neutrals — According to Cosmopolitan, when wearing eye-catching colors like bright yellow, you can help offset the look with neutral-toned pieces like a camel brown trench coat to give it a more laid-back feel. Wearing earthy shades with bright colors is a creative and playful way of giving any Spring outfit a more casual look, but you can still dress it up with heels and other accessories.

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4. Get a Pretty Print  — What better way to pair your pretty print top than with cute pants for women? Wearing a print like palm trees or flowers is easy to get more color in your outfit without wearing bright, solid colors. 

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5. Soft Meets Feminine  — For a soft and feminine look, pair bright colors with pastels. Wearing baby blues isn’t just for little ones. You’ll love wearing softer pastel colors and pairing them with vibrant tones, such as a pastel pink with a bright neon pink. Add delicate jewelry to add a sophisticated and feminine touch to your outfit.

6. Layer with Similar Hues  — As for layering with similar hues, this is another great technique to incorporate bright colors without feeling too over the top. For example, if you want to go head to toe in pink, you don’t need to wear the same bright shade of pink. Try out different shades of pink, such as a pair of champagne pink glasses with a pale pink top and a rose crossbody bag.


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We get it: Wearing bright colors can be daunting, even for the most experienced Avaraistas. The truth is that any woman can rock bright-colored pants and pretty printed tops in every color of the rainbow. Just like every person should know how colors complement one another, we should all know how to wear clothes that suit us best. Be sure to look at our size guide for women to pick out everything from your new favorite top to your staple go-to denim this season.

January 20, 2023 — Emily Shack

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