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Article: How Should Jeans Fit? The Ultimate Guide for Women

How Should Jeans Fit? The Ultimate Guide for Women

How Should Jeans Fit? The Ultimate Guide for Women

Every woman deserves a great pair of jeans that she’ll love wearing season after season. However, finding the perfect pair of jeans for women can be challenging. What does one woman wear when she’s tall and full-figured, and another woman wear when she’s petite and doesn’t want her jeans to be longer than her legs? 

We’ve put together some helpful tips for women on how jeans should fit. No matter your style or body type, you’ll love our ultimate guide for women on understanding how to shop for jeans and how they should fit. Let’s take a look at some important things to keep in mind when shopping for jeans.

jeans and body type

Considering Different Body Types

Every body is beautiful, and every body is different. You might be a size 0 in one store and a size 6 in another. It all depends on the style of the jeans and if the brand’s jeans run small, large, or “true to size.” It can feel like an overwhelming experience to buy jeans, whether in person or online. Not sure how to get started? Get an idea of what size you might be by using our size chart for women’s clothes. At Avara, we measure every individual piece of clothing to ensure you get the best size!

  • Best Jeans for Apple Shapes — With an apple shape, your shoulders or bust are typically wider than your hips. You’ll carry more weight around your waist, as your waist is typically shorter compared to the rest of your body. Celebrities with apple shapes include Jennifer Hudson and Drew Barrymore. Jeans that are great for apple shapes typically have an elasticized waist or mid-rise waistband. While low-rise options don’t generally offer the best fit on an apple shape, we always recommend wearing what makes you feel most glamorous!
  • Best Jeans for Pear Shapes — If you have a pear shape, you likely have small shoulders and your hips are wider compared to the rest of your body. Celebrities with a pear shape include Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys. We suggest opting for jeans that sit low or just below your waist. Relaxed-fit styles provide extra wiggle room as well.
  • Best Jeans for Hourglass Shapes — An hourglass shape is characterized by rounded shoulders and a small, defined waist with wider hips. If you have an hourglass shape, you likely have a full bust, round hips, and a small waist. Celebrities with an hourglass shape include Christina Hendricks and Selena Gomez. Jeans that typically fit best on hourglass shapes are form-fitting high-waisted jeans in a dark wash. 

different types of jeans

Different Types of Jeans

If you’re looking to achieve a wardrobe refresh with some new pairs of fabulous jeans, think about what kind of denim you want to add to your collection. There are so many different types of jeans out there, you might not know where to start. While some ladies prefer a classic fit and style like medium-wash bootcut jeans, others prefer trendier denim with contemporary fits like straight-leg with a raw hem. It all depends on what kind of women’s bottoms you normally wear—or wish to wear—but just aren’t sure how to style. The fit of your jeans can help you express your unique personality and style. The good news is that there’s no such thing as a single pair of absolutely perfect denim. Instead, you’re very likely to find cute jeans in a wide variety of fits and styles to suit your look. Let’s dive in and learn all about the different types of jeans:

  • Flare Jeans — Take a trip back to the 70s with flare jeans. Nothing quite makes a statement like a classic pair of flare jeans. Typical flare jeans have a big bell shape at the bottom that’s about 10" or more across the bottom hem. It’s normal for the hem of your jeans to hit the floor. If you have a pear or an hourglass shape, you can easily rock flare jeans. If you’re petite, don’t be afraid of the idea that the hem of these jeans will hit the floor. The trick is to get the right inseam for your height. The end of the jeans should just graze the floor, and a form-fitting pair of jeans will help to accentuate your beautiful figure, whereas a baggy fit may overwhelm it.
  • Boyfriend Jeans — You don’t need to steal your boyfriend’s jeans to enjoy the benefits of this style. Boyfriend jeans are similar to flare jeans and, if you have an apple or athletic shape, you’ll look great in boyfriend jeans because of their looser fit. If you want your boyfriend jeans to have a bit more structure, then go for a pair with a simple cuff at the hem and less stretch. For a more laid-back look, opt for boyfriend jeans with plenty of stretch to give you extra wiggle room.
  • Bootcut Jeans — Also similar to flare jeans are classic bootcut jeans. These have a subtle wide-leg silhouette. Bootcut jeans are slightly tapered around the thigh and widen from the knee to the hem part of your denim. They’re meant for wearing with booties. If you’re on the shorter or more petite end, you may want to avoid wearing flats with bootcut jeans because they can shorten your frame—that said, we always support wearing whatever makes you feel most confident! Bootcut jeans tend to be a perfect fit for those with an hourglass figure or pear shape.
  • Skinny Jeans — Looking for jeans that look great on pretty much everybody? It may surprise you to learn that the best jeans for every body type are … skinny jeans! It has nothing to do with your figure. The name “skinny jeans” means these jeans are slimmer at the ankle compared to other jeans’ silhouettes. If you want to get specific, let’s talk about different washes for different body types. If you have a pear or hourglass figure, go for skinny jeans in dark washes. For women with an apple or athletic shape, try light washes instead. We have a ton of great skinny options that flatter any body type!
  • Straight Leg Jeans — The laidback cousins of skinny jeans are straight leg jeans. Let’s be real. No one, no matter their body type, wants to wear skin-tight skinny jeans all the time. Straight leg jeans are currently one of our most popular styles that can be worn with a variety of tops and shoes, so this pair makes getting ready in the morning even easier! Straight leg jeans have a straight cut down the entire pant leg. They’re a popular choice for anyone with an hourglass, apple, or athletic shape.
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choosing jeans shopping tips

Important Tips When Shopping for Jeans

Wondering what to consider when choosing jeans for yourself? According to Tan France, the British-American fashion designer, the secret to looking stylish is wearing well-tailored clothing. We understand that getting each and every piece of clothing you buy tailored isn’t reasonable or realistic for everyone. However, everyone can benefit from knowing how to find the best jeans for themselves right off the rack. There are some key tips to keep in mind when shopping for jeans.

From all of your classic faves to those trendy and chic jeans that you keep seeing on fashion blogs, there are a couple of important things to consider when choosing jeans for yourself. You’ll want to consider where you want the jeans to fall on your waist, how tight they should look and feel, the jeans’ length, how to style them, and more. Here are some things to consider when choosing jeans for your body type and style:

  • Consider Your Body Type — Every body is different. That means different jeans enhance unique characteristics on different people. All shapes look great with skinny jeans. If you have an apple or athletic shape, boyfriend or straight-leg jeans can help you show off your exquisite features. If you have an hourglass figure, you’ll look great in flare and straight-leg jeans, as these can help to accentuate your curves. For those with more of a pear shape, flare jeans can offer clean lines for beautiful silhouettes. However, we encourage you to flaunt what you’ve got, and wear what you want! 
  • Decide Which Rise You Want — There are three different rises you can typically choose from. You can get low-rise jeans that sit about 2" below your belly button. Mid-rise jeans sit right below your navel. High-rise jeans will sit at or above your belly button. Low-rise jeans are great for anyone who wants to highlight their curvy hips. Anyone with an athletic body type tends to rock low-rise jeans. Mid-rise jeans are a great option for all body types. If you’re an hourglass shape on the slender side, you may feel extra fabulous in high-rise jeans. Athletic body types will also enjoy this classic style.
  • Figure Out Which Fit You’d Like — Once you’ve considered your body type and rise, go for the fit of jeans you’d like. We detailed the different fits above: flare, boyfriend, bootcut, skinny, and straight-leg.
  • Pick the Wash You Want to Wear — Finally, pick what kind of wash you want to wear. Dark washes are appealing for all shapes and sizes. Dark washes include dark blue shades and black jeans. Light to medium washes are great for year-round wear. Want to go out of the box with other colors of denim? Try jeans in bold colors, which are great for the warm weather months. In the Fall and Winter seasons, you may want to try darker hues like olive green or burgundy.

dancing woman high rise jeans

How Jeans Should Fit on Your Waist

When figuring out how jeans should fit on your waist, it doesn’t matter if they're low-rise or high-rise. Your ideal pair of jeans shouldn’t need a belt. You’ll know the jeans fit just right if there’s no gap at the top of your jeans. You don’t want your jeans so tight that they’re pinching your skin. If you feel uncomfortable when you’re wearing jeans, they’re not the right fit; finding jeans that will give you some ease of movement means getting a pair with elastic in the denim. That way, the jeans won’t pinch on your body in all the wrong places.

How Tight Should Jeans Be?

How tight your jeans should fit depends on the heaviness and fabric of your denim. Are you going for 100% pure cotton denim, or are you going for a pair with polyester and spandex? The polyester and spandex in jeans can give you just a bit more stretch when you need it. No matter what the ratio of cotton to polyester and/or spandex is for your jeans, you want to make sure you’re comfortable in your jeans. Comfort is key. You should be able to sit down, squat, and bend over with ease. 

Where Jeans Should Fall on Your Hips

Ah, the hips. Shakira’s hips don’t lie, and we won’t lie about where the hips of your jeans should fall. Ideally, they won’t be too narrow or too wide. You want the material of your jeans to fit snuggly, but you don’t want them too loose or too tight, either. Try different rises and fits until you see which style works best for you.

laughing women wearing jeans

Different Style of Jeans: Try Different Lengths and Colors

Go the distance by choosing different lengths and colors. When it comes to length, we’re not just talking about skinny jeans that taper at your ankle or flare jeans that have a hem down to the floor. We’re also talking about the length of the inseam of your jeans. This is especially helpful if you tend to buy petite or tall sizes when you go shopping. 

As for colors, you don’t have to stick to the standard blue denim. Have fun trying different jean colors. Red jeans can make a punchy statement when you walk into a room. If you’re looking for something pretty to wear in the Spring, try jeans in a pastel color. Jewel-toned jeans (think emerald, ruby, and sapphire) are great for the cool-weather months.

Pair Them with a Cute Blouse!

Accessorizing and Styling Your Jeans

Now that you know what jeans you want to buy, it’s time to put together your outfit. A lightweight sweater or solid Avara top are great options for anyone looking for a casual look. If you’re wearing jeans to the office or looking for a more business casual vibe, pair your denim with a chic open-collar blouse. As for accessories, we’re all about adding fun statement earrings or a classic pair of hoops to any look. Put on your booties with your bootcut denim, and you’ll be ready to rock your jeans-focused look in no time.

With all of these tips in mind, you’ll be able to accessorize and style your denim with confidence. If you’re looking for high-quality, on-trend, and affordable jeans, you’ll love our selection of jeans at Avara. Get ready for some serious compliments when you buy any one of them from us. Don’t forget to pair them with a chic blouse or must have accessories you can find only at Avara.


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I appreciate how you said that while buying jeans, comfort is crucial. No of the material, you should be able to sit down, squat, and bend down without difficulty, as you indicated. For a concert she’s going to, my cousin is looking for the ideal pair of jeans to wear. I’ll be sure to let her know about this so she may keep it in mind when she buys one. I’ll also look into local retailers that can assist her.

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