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Article: New Year, New Wardrobe Ideas: 4 Fun Ways to Update Your Style

New Year, New Wardrobe Ideas: 4 Fun Ways to Update Your Style

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As we ring in the New Year, it’s time to figure out what our goals and vision are for these next 12 months. One goal you can achieve for your New Year’s Resolution is to update your style. Updating your style is more than just picking out cute clothes. It’s also about looking great and feeling even better, all of which you can do with these four fun ways to update your style with our 4 ways to update your style in the new year. 

1. Figure Out What You Wear Each Week — An important tip to keep in mind when you’re updating your style for the New Year is to figure out what your typical go-to pieces are; we suggest writing down a list of events or places you frequent each week. 

For example, in one week, you might go to work, brunch with your friends, work out at the gym, and hang out at home. ( add in mom activites– playing with kids, soccer games, etc)Ask yourself, what  do you usually  wear to each of these different activities? A few basics we suggest are a few pairs of pants, such as dark wash jeans. Dark denim has great versatility soyou can wear them in a business casual setting or to brunch with friends.(Run on sentence, needs to be broken up) Likewise, the same pair of joggers or leggings that you wear to the gym can also be worn when you’re hanging out at home or at your child’s soccer game. Spruce up any outfit by getting cute women’s shoes that can become a statement piece for any look.

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2. Add a Pop of Color — According to Who What Wear, one way to easily refresh your style is to add a pop of color like a pretty pink. Wearing a vibrant color like pink or a bright yellow or green adds a lively color that will  banish any Winter blues.

You can wear the bright color from head to toe if you really want to go for a bold monochromatic look during the Winter season, but these colors can work well even beyond the Winter months. After all, won’t you love to wear a pretty purple top or pastel pink skirt once spring finally comes? Plus, the pop of color you add doesn’t even have to come from your clothing. You can add a little bit of color with statement jewelry. 

Chandon Earrings


3. Play Around with Different Necklines — Another quick way to upgrade your wardrobe is to try different necklines.. If you usually stick with crew neck tops and pullovers, have fun with your neckline by adding tops with a v-neck or scoop neck.. You can also try a cut-out top or (don’t think this needs to be repeated?)sweater that adds some variety to your everyday sweaters. Take a look at different women’s tops and blouses for more inspiration when it comes to your new wardrobe.

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4. Keep It Casual — We’ll let you in on a little style secret … are you ready? If you want to look stylish to update your style, you don’t have to wear bold couture outfits that aren’t comfortable or aren’t your style. (These first two sentences don’t really make sense. What’s the secret?) You can keep it casual by wearing essential pieces that you’ll love wearing over and over again.

For you, this might mean a pretty statement top in your favorite color or a fun pattern. It also might mean getting a new purse in a straw, knit, or velvet texture that will become your new favorite accessory. Try something simple yet stylish, like a jumpsuit that feels casual to you but is dressy enough for anything from the office to a party. Experiment with different looks and accessories until you find a new wardrobe idea that will make you feel confident and comfortable  every time you wear it.

Charleen Jumpsuit

Even when you’re in the middle of the chilly Winter blues this January, you don’t have to feel tired of dark hues and bulky layers. Cheer up and get excited about the New Year ahead with these fun and easy ways to elevate your wardrobe with pretty dresses, lovely tops and blouses, and cute accessories for women that you can wear all year long. With any of these fun wardrobe style tricks, your closet will be refreshed and ready for the New Year in no time.

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